From Hamburg to Capetown by Vespa...


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Vespa & Scooter clubs

Vespa Club Hamburg 1950, the 'political' home of the two travelers.

Vespa Club von Deutschland, holding association of Germans 'official' Vespa clubs.

Vespa Club Capetown

Vespa books

traveling by Vespa, searching for original books!

Vespa & Scooter links

Scooter links I

Scooter links II

Scooter links III

Vespa manufacturer and dealers

Vespa Piaggio

Scooter & Service

Shops for travelers


Globetrott-Zentrale Bernd Tesch 

Reports by travelers

Transafrika - With a motorcycle from Koeln/Germany to Capetown/South Africa - on a similar route

Traveling through africa

Like it was in real...

Around the world on a racing motorcycle (former Vespa driver!)

One year Africa OR Travel Document Africa - we have meet Maarten in Malawi

around africa on a motorbike - and a meeting with two PX-drivers in Sambia...

Tour Guide recommendation

Masazane Tours

Our 'Servicecar' in Ethiopia

Sweden on tour

Vespa meetings in Afrika

On the africa run


First fan website